University of Eastern Africa, Baraton Unveils Stunning New Signage on 41st Graduation Day

Date: August 23, 2023

By: Dr. Nathan Gitonga, UEAB Media

In a momentous event that added a touch of elegance and grandeur to the campus, the University of Eastern Africa, Baraton (UEAB) proudly unveiled a captivating new signage on its 41st graduation day, August 13, 2023. This remarkable addition not only enhances the aesthetics of the university but also encapsulates the essence of global unity.

Situated prominently in front of the administration building, the newly revealed signage is poised to become a symbol of pride and progress for the entire UEAB community. Comprising the university’s signature blue and white colors, the signage harmoniously blends tradition with modernity.

The signage’s background features a stunning array of flags, representing a global tapestry of cultures and backgrounds. This unique choice serves as a testament to UEAB’s commitment to fostering international understanding and celebrating diversity. The flags, standing tall against the backdrop of the administration building, convey a message of unity that resonates with the heart of the university’s mission.

On the day of its grand unveiling, a palpable sense of excitement and pride enveloped the campus. Graduates, their families, friends, faculty, and staff flocked to the new signage to capture precious moments against this magnificent backdrop. The picturesque scene was a testament to the strong bonds formed within the university’s community and the shared sense of achievement that the UEAB family holds dear.

Prof. Philip Maiyo, Vice Chancellor of UEAB, expressed his delight at the installation, stating, “The new signage not only adds to the beauty of our campus but also symbolizes our commitment to a global perspective in education. We are proud of the development we see around UEAB, and this signage stands as a testament to our journey of growth and excellence.”

As UEAB continues to evolve and embrace the changing landscape of education, the newly unveiled signage is a beacon of progress that beckons students, faculty, and visitors to engage in a transformative learning environment. With its harmonious blend of colors, international flags, and the heartfelt smiles of the university community, this signage is bound to become an iconic representation of UEAB’s values and aspirations.

In this moment of celebration and unity, the University of Eastern Africa, Baraton shines bright as a center of learning that not only imparts knowledge but also stands as a symbol of global harmony and progress.

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