School of Business

Dean’s Message
Welcome to the School of Business!

I am delighted to introduce you to the School of Business, University of Eastern Africa Baraton, which endeavors to produce competent and committed business professionals equipped with spiritual, moral and relevant skills to operate in an environment of selfish humanity to eliminate unfairness and misery. They are envisioned to be effective agents for economic growth and development. In this respect, we are committed to aligning our curriculum to the demands of the changing industry.

The School of Business houses three departments:

  1. Accounting and Finance
  2. Information system and computing
  3. Management

The departments offer both undergraduate and graduate degrees. We also offer diploma and professional courses. We are geared toward producing graduates who have the competencies to enable them navigate in a competitive world. With about 23 faculties and staff, our school provides quality academic programs, laboratory, class rooms, and research facilities. Our faculties are competent and committed faculty with the necessary skills and knowledge to facilitate learners’ acquisition of skills and knowledge for a competitive environment.

In achieving our objectives, we are guided by the tenets of integrity, excellence, teamwork and professionalism. This enables us to focus on our learners as we mold them to become what they desire to be and what the industry requires of them, so as to serve both our God and humanity. As you make a decision to embark on your degree in business, the School of Business in the University of Eastern Africa Baraton should be your destination. Our graduates from the School of Business contribute enormously to economic development since business graduates join all sectors of the economy.

You are encouraged to check the University website or contact us to get more information about the programs we have and we shall be more than ready and willing to provide what you need to know. You are invited to join our undergraduate and graduate programs to enhance your skills and, hence, make critical contributions to the growth of the economy.

You are welcome to join us.


Dr. Jackson O. Ong’eta, CPA., MBA., Ph.D.,


School of Business


Mobile: +254 722 252 904