Message from the Head of the Department, Department of Finance and Accounting

Dr. David Aunga

Head of the Department of Finance and Accounting

Message from the Head of the Department, Department of Finance and Accounting

Welcome to the Department of Finance and Accounting, the University of Eastern Africa, Baraton. As the Head of the Department, it is my privilege to lead a dedicated team of faculty members who are passionate about shaping the future of finance and accounting professionals.

In today’s rapidly changing global economy, finance and accounting play a pivotal role in driving businesses, organizations, and economies forward. Our department is committed to providing you with a comprehensive and rigorous education that prepares you for the dynamic challenges of the financial world.

At the Department of Finance and Accounting, we offer a wide range of programs and courses designed to equip you with the necessary knowledge, skills, and ethical values to excel in the field. Whether you are pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Finance or Accounting, or a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Accounting, our programs are designed to foster critical thinking, analytical reasoning, and practical problem-solving abilities.

Our distinguished faculty members bring a wealth of academic expertise and industry experience to the classroom. They are dedicated to delivering high-quality education, promoting academic excellence, and nurturing your professional growth. They will guide you through engaging lectures, interactive discussions, and practical case studies, ensuring that you gain a deep understanding of financial theories, accounting principles, and relevant industry practices.

In addition to our rigorous academic curriculum, we encourage students to engage in experiential learning opportunities. Through internships, industry collaborations, and research projects, you will have the chance to apply your classroom knowledge in real-world settings, gaining valuable hands-on experience and building a strong professional network.

As you progress through your studies, we also emphasize the importance of ethical conduct and social responsibility. We believe that integrity, transparency, and accountability are the cornerstones of the finance and accounting profession. Our goal is to instill these values in our students, equipping them to make principled decisions that positively impact organizations and society as a whole.

Furthermore, our department provides a supportive and nurturing environment that promotes personal growth and holistic development. We encourage you to actively participate in student organizations, conferences, and seminars, which offer opportunities for networking, leadership development, and cultural enrichment.

I invite you to embark on this exciting journey with us at the Department of Finance and Accounting. Together, we will explore the intricate world of finance, unravel complex accounting principles, and shape a future where financial stewardship and strategic decision-making thrive.

I look forward to working with you and witnessing your growth as competent and ethical finance and accounting professionals.

Best regards,


Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Finance

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Accounting