University of Eastern Africa, Baraton Granted License to Offer 16 TVET Programs

By Timothy Osoro, UEAB Media

 Baraton, September 8, 2023 – In a significant development for the University of Eastern Africa, Baraton, the institution has been awarded a coveted TVET (Technical and Vocational Education and Training) Accreditation certificate and training license. The ceremony took place on September 8, 2023, when Mr. Andrew Too, a Technical Assistant at the Technical and Vocational Education and Training Authority (TVET), presented the certificate and license to Baraton Administrators.

Mr. Andrew Too expressed his delight in presenting the accreditation certificate to Baraton University, which has been granted permission to offer a comprehensive selection of 16 TVET programs. He commended the university’s commitment to delivering technical and vocational education and emphasized its crucial role in society.


“The University applied for accreditation to offer TVET programs, underwent a rigorous assessment, and today, we are delighted to issue this training license and TVET accreditation certificate right here at Baraton,” Mr. Too remarked.

He encouraged students who may not have achieved the traditional university entry grades to seize this opportunity and enroll in TVET programs, highlighting the vital role such programs play in personal development and nation-building.

“Students who come here will acquire technical skills and utilize them for their own growth and the development of our nation. TVET is the path forward, and to foster our country’s growth, we must prioritize educational initiatives,” he added.

In an exclusive interview with Dr. Paul Wahonya, the Deputy Vice Chancellor (DVC) Academics at UEAB, Dr. Wahonya confirmed that the accreditation process had taken approximately five years to secure. He expressed gratitude for this milestone, which marks a new chapter for Baraton University in offering TVET courses designed to impart technical knowledge and practical skills essential for today’s diverse job market.

“The journey to secure TVET accreditation has been a five-year endeavor, marked by persistence and unwavering commitment. We firmly believe that God’s timing is always perfect, and today, we celebrate this achievement,” Dr. Wahonya said.

“We want to assure everyone that at Baraton University, we are dedicated to delivering quality education and instilling values that will mold our students into responsible citizens of Kenya and the world,” he added.

The TVET Authority’s 2023/24 – 2027/28 plan has seen the accreditation of 2,303 TVET institutions, the licensing of 6,806 trainers, approval of 457 CBET curricula, and quality audits conducted at 1,317 TVET institutions. Additionally, the authority has prepared and submitted seven advisories to the Cabinet Secretary on TVET policy and strategies.

As stated in the 2022 Education Sector report, “The Technical Vocational Education and Training Programme has the mandate to promote access, equity, relevance, and quality technical and vocational education and training. This mandate is executed by the State Department for TVET, its Agencies, Kenya School of TVET, National Polytechnics, Technical and Vocational Colleges, and Vocational Training Centers.”

Dr. Shadrack Kamundi, the Deputy Vice Chancellor for Students Administration and Services (DVC, SAS) at UEAB, extended an invitation to all prospective students interested in TVET programs at Baraton University. He assured that the education provided by the institution would be of exceptional value to learners in today’s dynamic world.

“Welcome to Baraton University, where we are now offering a range of TVET programs. For application inquiries, please contact us at ( I would like to express our sincere appreciation to the TVET Authority for accrediting Baraton University to provide TVET programs,” Dr. Kamundi announced.

Dr. Wahonya emphasized the university’s commitment to promoting these TVET programs, stating, “Our key initiatives include marketing and promotions, and we have already initiated Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) with nearby technical colleges. We are actively engaged in discussions to sign MOUs with institutions such as Aldai and Namgoi Technical colleges.”

Baraton University’s TVET accreditation represents a significant milestone in its pursuit of academic excellence and the provision of diverse educational opportunities to students in Kenya and beyond.


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