Spiritual Emphasis Week Culminates in Grand Outreach Rally

By Timothy Osoro & UEAB Media

Baraton, May 28, 2024: The University of Eastern Africa, Baraton, buzzed with anticipation as the week of spiritual emphasis drew to a close on May 25, 2024. This eagerly awaited event, marked by profound inspiration and reflection, culminated in a grand outreach rally that left a lasting impact on all participants.

Students from various schools, both primary and secondary, converged on the university’s Graduation Square grounds for the rally. Among the participating schools were Nyambaria Boys, Segero School, Kericho Tea School, Kipchabo Elites, Chavakali School, Itigo School, and Kamobo School. The students, wide-eyed and eager, filled the open grounds, their uniforms creating a colorful mosaic against the lush green backdrop of the campus.

The key text for the day, Hebrews 12:21, resonated deeply with hope and purpose. Dr. Mumbo, in his inspiring sermon, wove a tapestry of faith that urged the audience to embrace their calling and make a positive difference in the world. His words were both uplifting and empowering, leaving a profound impression on everyone present.

A significant highlight of the rally was the grand baptism ceremony, where over 1,500 students stepped forward to give their hearts to the Lord. The crowd erupted in applause, celebrating this profound step in their spiritual journey. The atmosphere was filled with joy and a renewed sense of purpose.

Addressing the gathering, Vice Chancellor Professor Philip Maiyo assured the students that the outreach budget would be expanded to accommodate more impactful events in the future. His commitment to fostering holistic growth, encompassing both spiritual and academic development, was evident. Professor Maiyo also announced the introduction of new programs in Law and Aviation, set to commence in the next semester, signaling the university’s dedication to providing diverse and comprehensive education.

As the rally concluded, students lingered, exchanging stories and reflections. The spiritual emphasis week had ignited a fire within them—a desire to live purposefully, seek knowledge beyond textbooks, and positively impact their communities. In the days that followed, the spirit of the rally continued to inspire students in classrooms and study groups, marking the end of a significant week and the beginning of a lifelong journey.


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