Outreach Rally 2023

The University of Eastern Africa, Baraton  headed by Professor Philip Maiyo is a Seventh-day Church Institution of high leaning found in Kenya within the ECD . UEAB is active in the  fulfillment of its mission through the Baraton University Church with an organized Outreach  Department comprising of Faculty, Staff and Students  engaged in Outreach Ministry that continues to do an incredible work in soul winning and reaching out to the community. The Outreach Ministry regularly visits high schools, colleges, and universities within Kenya. During such visits, they conduct Bible studies, do preaching and singing to the schools that they visit every sabbath day. The Outreach Ministries are also involved in  discipleship sessions after baptisms that is conducted annually at the University.

The  Grand Annual Outreach Rally that brings all the schools nationally into a worship experience that also culminates in mass baptisms is always conducted at the University Graduation square. This Year’s Annual event  was held on the 27th May, 2023,  iit was conducted under the watchful eye of UEAB Spiritual Leader as well as the Vice Chancellor of the University . The Mega Outreach Rally  brought together an approximate 15,000 students from high schools, colleges, and universities.  Approximately 200 schools  graced the occasion. 

The guest for the rally was the University Chaplain, Dr. Duncan Mumbo, who preached on the love of God. This culminated in baptism  of 1,257 precious souls to the Kingdom, (details attached on a separate file). In order to help with the huge number of baptism candidates, the West Rift Valley Field provided 17 pastors who worked alongside the ordained ministers within the University of Eastern Africa, Baraton.

The University was very supportive in ensuring the success of the event through providing financial support and spiritual suppor and meals to all the baptized members, Patrons, officiating Ministers and other guests . The Baraton University Church was equally supportive to bringing the event to a success. The University remains committed to fulfilling its mission through outreach and in-reach activities. This was particularly evident during the week of spiritual emphasis held in March 2023, where a total of 216 UEAB students were also baptized. With such a large number of baptisms among the students, the Church through the first elder, Dr. Laurent Kasay, our first Elder  continues to provide post-baptism lessons grounding the baptized in the Bible through  the review of fundamental beliefs and in a forever friendship with Christ and the Seventh-day day Adventist Church .

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