Inside Vice-Chancellor Philip Maiyo’s Inspirational Address for the 2023/24 Academic Year

By Timothy Osoro, UEAB Media

On September 19, 2023, the University of Eastern Africa, Baraton (UEAB) came alive with an air of excitement and intellectual curiosity as Vice-Chancellor Philip Maiyo delivered a stirring address to a packed audience comprising students, faculty, and staff in the university’s campus chapel.

Vice-Chancellor Maiyo, driven by an unwavering commitment to foster academic excellence and mold the leaders of tomorrow, addressed several vital facets of education and personal development in his speech. His words resonated profoundly with the theme of “Empowering Minds, Transforming Futures,” a sentiment that encapsulates the university’s vision and mission.

In his opening remarks, Vice-Chancellor Maiyo underscored the pivotal role students play in shaping the future, both as individuals and as a collective force. He lauded the university’s diverse administration, dedicated staff, and the faculty for their unwavering commitment, emphasizing their integral role in UEAB’s ongoing success. In a comprehensive introduction, he introduced the key figures of the university, including administrators, deans, staff, faculty, and student leaders, including the Student Association of Baraton University (SABU).

Recognizing the challenges that students nationwide are facing during these trying times, Vice-Chancellor Maiyo addressed concerns affecting students at large. As a new semester began, he encouraged those students who still faced registration issues to visit the registration offices and complete their registration by September 20, 2023.

“We are thrilled to welcome over 500 new students to the University of Eastern Africa, Baraton. Your choice is a testament to our institution’s reputation,” Prof. Maiyo exclaimed.

Continuing his address, the Vice-Chancellor emphasized the critical importance of innovation and adaptability in today’s ever-evolving world. He urged students to embrace new challenges and opportunities, highlighting that it is through adversity and change that genuine growth occurs.

As the speech unfolded, Vice-Chancellor Maiyo’s words continued to captivate the audience, inspiring profound contemplation. He shared personal anecdotes from his own student years, drawing from his experiences and challenges, which deeply resonated with those in attendance.

“I recall a time in school when someone tried to introduce me to smoking, even demonstrating how to use a cigarette. I examined it and realized that it would only harm my health. So, I said no! We have all been students before, so please say no to drugs!” he shared.

Addressing the dedication of school administrators, staff, and faculty, he emphasized their unwavering commitment to bringing out the best in students within their respective fields of study, assuring new students that they had joined a world-class institution of its kind.

As UEAB continues to rank among Kenya’s top universities, the expectation of producing outstanding professionals remains high. Graduates from UEAB have consistently achieved success in their post-graduation endeavors, serving as an inspiring example to current students.

Prof. Maiyo reminded everyone of the university’s Christian ethos, stating that living in accordance with Christian values is a fundamental aspect of being a part of the University of Eastern Africa, Baraton community.

“As a Christian institution, adherence to Christian values is paramount. Even if you do not identify as a Christian, we encourage you to embrace these values,” Prof. Maiyo remarked.

Vice-Chancellor address exemplifies UEAB’s steadfast commitment to nurturing academic excellence and personal growth, ensuring that its students are equipped to thrive in a dynamic and challenging world.

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