Master of Public Health


In addition to meeting the general admission requirements for graduate studies, the applicant to be admitted into the Master of Public Health degree programme must be a holder of a Bachelor’s degree in allied sciences from a recognized college or university. Applicants must present evidence of adequate undergraduate preparation in the proposed field of graduate study. Suitability of applicants for the proposed area of study shall be determined by the Public Health Department in consultation with the Board of Graduate Studies. Applicants who do not have a health background and are interested to undertake the MPH program will register for one semester the following courses:

Courses Credits

BIOL 510 Human Anatomy and Physiology 4

CLSC 520 Medical Microbiology 3

CLSC 550 Medical Parasitology 3

CHEM 530 Organic Biochemistry 4

Total 14

In addition to the above requirements, applicants whose language of instruction is not English should provide evidence of proficiency in both written and spoken English. Where there is no clear evidence of this, applicants may be required to write the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or its equivalent. University of Eastern Africa, Baraton accepts 550 points as a passing mark.


The mode of delivery is mainly traditional face to face instruction coupled with module e-learning environment.


The Master of Public Health program requires forty-four (44) to forty-nine (49) semester credit hours, which will be covered over two calendar years on full time basis and four calendar years on part time. The MPH program will meet the demands by grounding its graduates in the three dimensions of theory, through the core courses, practice and through the elective and fieldwork courses, as well as research through statistical courses and production of a thesis based on actual research work. The program can be taken full- time which is equivalent to taking four full semesters or on a part- time basis equivalent to eight semesters. The curriculum provides for core courses which are taken by all MPH students, concentration courses for three specialization areas and electives to strengthen the student’s knowledge. The student may choose the preferred specialization in

1. Generalist and Health Promotion Option

2. Epidemiology and Disease Control Option


The courses in the MPH program include the public health core courses, concentration courses for the specialization options, religion, research methods, and thesis writing. The student is required to pass the comprehensive examination. The total credit hours required are 44-49 as listed.


A regular full-time student can complete the MPH program in two years (4 semesters and one intersemester).