Master of Education


In addition to meeting the general admission requirements for graduate studies, the applicant to be admitted into the Master of Education degree program must hold a Bachelor of Education degree or Bachelor of Arts with Education or a Bachelor’s degree with a Post Graduate Diploma in Education or its equivalent from a recognized institution of higher learning.


The Master of Education program is taught during the school holidays in Kenya scheduled in August (1st semester), November/December (2nd semester) and April (inter-semester session). Information on dates can be obtained from the Registrar’s office or the Department of Education. The Master of Education degree program may be finished within two years and a maximum period of four years for regular students with effect from the date of the commencement of the course. Part time students must complete the program in a minimum period of three years and maximum of six years. Courses taken after six years may be repeated upon evaluation and recommendation of the department.


A regular student can complete the MEd program in two years.


To graduate with a Master of Education degree, the candidate shall:

1. have completed the required minimum of 45 credits including thesis;

2. have passed the comprehensive examination;

3. have proof of acceptance for publication of at least one (1) article in refereed journal(s)

4. have applied for graduation;

5. have submitted 8 bound copies of the thesis duly signed by the supervisors and accepted by the Chair of the Department of Education, the Dean of School of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences and the Director of Graduate Studies and Research;

6. have been cleared by the Department Chair and the School Dean;

7. have cleared financial obligations; 8. have been cleared by the Boards of Examiners.