Message from the Head of the Department, Department of Technology


Head of the Department of Technology

Message from the Head of the Department, Department of Technology

I am delighted to welcome you to the Department of Technology, a vibrant and innovative hub of knowledge and discovery that is dedicated to shaping the future of our World. As the Head of the Department, it is my privilege to lead a team of brilliant minds who are passionate about harnessing the power of technology to solve complex problems and drive positive change in the service of God and man, in this beautiful campus at UEAB.

Technology is revolutionizing industries, bridging the world’s population, and pushing the bounds of what is possible as it transforms every aspect of our lives at an unprecedented rate. Our department, which is dedicated to developing the next generation of tech leaders is pushing the limits of technological innovation, and is at the forefront of this era of rapid advancement within this region.

As a department, we strongly support interdisciplinary thinking and collaboration and strive to create a rich and dynamic environment for learning and research. We bring together experts from a variety of backgrounds – from automotive technology and engineering, computing, electronic/electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and more. We hope to address the complex problems of our time and contribute significantly to society through this synergy.

Our programs in automotive, aviation, communication, and industrial electronics, are created to foster critical thinking and creativity while also giving the learner a solid foundation in fundamental concepts within a vibrant Christian atmosphere. In order to prepare you to be a leader and innovator in a rapidly changing digital landscape, we provide you with the requisite knowledge, and technical skills needed to foster your entrepreneurial spirit for the demands of the ever-changing workplace environment/industry, and most importantly, for the life hereafter.

Our department promotes a culture of research and development, inspiring both faculty and students to engage in innovative study and expand the limits of knowledge. As a close-knit family, we strive to create an ecosystem that nurtures wholesome ideas and transforms these into real-world applications that have a positive impact on society.

As we embark on this journey together, I invite you to explore the opportunities that our department has to offer. Whether you are a learner seeking a transformative education, a researcher looking for a collaborative environment, or a partner interested in collaborating on radical projects, you are warmly welcomed!
I am excited about the possibilities that lie ahead and the transformative role that technology will continue to play in shaping our collective future. Together, let us embark on this remarkable journey of exploration, innovation, and discovery.

Welcome to the Department of Technology!


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