Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BScN)

The minimum requirements for admission to the University of Eastern Africa, Baraton must be met.

1. A mean grade of C+ (plus) or better in KCSE, division II or better, or its equivalent, is required for all pre-service students.

2. A grade of C+ or credit in cluster subjects; Mathematics/ Physics, Chemistry, (or Physical science), Biology, and English.

3. Foreign students from non-English speaking countries must have their High School certificates/diplomas translated into English with accompanying statement showing how their system equates to the Kenyan System. Foreign trained nurses must assume responsibility to have their certificates or diplomas translated to English. It is strongly advised that they should apply for registration with the Nursing Council of Kenya before admission to the university

4. Foreign ‘0’ level certificates are sent to the Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) for equation to the Kenyan system. This is done before admission.

5. For Registered Nurses, a mean grade of C plain, or Division II, diploma certificate and a current practice license from the Nursing council of Kenya, and 2 years’ experience are required. Lack of 2 years’ experience will warrant a full year internship after graduation. 6. For enrolled nurses, a mean grade of C+ or better in KCSE or Division II in KCE, including a C+ or Credit pass in the following: Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics/Physics and English; OR according to provisions that may be made by the Nursing Council of Kenya.

Students who are admitted to UEAB with the necessary admission requirements for a BScN degree program are considered as pre-clinical nursing students. Upon attainment of required grades in nursing cognate subjects, students proceed to (clinical) professional nursing courses.