Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Sciences

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University of Eastern Africa, Baraton
January 2023, September 2023
Lecture, Online

The mission of Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences is to provide and advance holistic quality Christian principles which seeks to develop men and women to be earnest seekers of truth and equip them with theoretical and technical skills necessary for innovation, diagnosis and provision of timely and accurate scientific results for service to God through serving humanity.


There is a vast market with a wide variety of options including:
1. Hospitals (private or government)
2. Research Institutions – NGO’s, Governmental, university,
pharmaceutical, industrial
3. Privately Owned Laboratory Business
4. Privately Owned Medical Laboratory School
5. Teaching/Lecturing
6. Government Public Health Departments, Environmental
7. In vitro fertilization labs
8. Blood Banks, Red Cross
9. Crime labs, forensics
10. Inspectors – accreditation agencies
11. Infection control officer, epidemiology
12. Quality assurance director
13. Advance to Medicine/Pre-Med Degree
14. Master’s Degree in Immunochemistry, Medical Education, Blood Transfusion, Immunology, Parasitology, Immunohematology, Clinical Microbiology, Laboratory Administration, Clinical Chemistry, Virology, Cyto Histology, etc.


1. A minimum grade of C+ or better in Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE), with a grade of C+ or better in Biology, C+ or better in Chemistry, C+ or better in English or Kiswahili, and C+ in Mathematics or Physics.

2. Candidates holding baccalaureate degrees in the sciences must show evidence of having relevant transferable credits or evidence of having completed all pre-clinical courses including cognates and general education requirements. The science courses must have been completed within the past eight years (or updated to the satisfaction of relevant department instructors).

3. The prospective entrants into the MLS program should be able to hear safety alarms, timers, instrument alarms and beepers, and telephone/intercom communications, and possess visual acuity and ability to discriminate colour distinctively.

The department seeks to be a center of excellence, equipping men and women for faithful and effective service to God, church and society through application of the principles of sound Bible-based Christian education.