Bachelor of Music in Music Education (BMME)

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University of Eastern Africa, Baraton
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To provide and advance a holistic quality Christian Education, which develops men and women to be earnest seekers of truth and equipped with appropriate knowledge, skills and attitudes in Humanities and Social Sciences for the service of God and Humanity.


Students who wish to major in music must have a departmental interview, placement examination, and audition in order to evaluate their qualification, and potential. Students who have successfully completed the music minor requirements may qualify for the award of the Bachelor of Arts in Music Performance or Bachelor of Music in Music Education degree by completing the rest of the requirements for a full degree program shown in this bulletin. Prospective music students should possess musicality, primary and secondary performing skills, and a knowledge of elementary music theory and should give evidence of previous serious music study. A pass in music at secondary school certificate level is an added advantage.


Graduates will be able to pursue careers in the following fields: teaching (English, French, Kiswahili, literature, linguistics…) translation, interpretation, writing, editing (copy-editing, design editing, typesetting, proofreading, revising….), communication (TV anchoring, TV reporting, radio reporting, radio announcing, TV announcing, news reading, anchoring, freelance journalism, freelance correspondence…), law, publishing (book-publishing, newspaper-publishing, magazine-publishing, electronic publishing, desktop-publishing…), film industry, acting, playwriting, language consultancy, linguistics, academics, lexicography, researching, reporting, public relations specialist, secretariat (administrative secretary, diplomatic secretary, bilingual secretary, private assistant…), marketing, advertising, international relations, diplomacy, hotel industry, tourism, research etc.

To be a center of excellence in higher education and research producing experts in Humanities and Social Sciences who are equipped with moral virtues.