Bachelor of Education (Arts)

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January 2023, September 2023
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The Mission of the Department of Education is to provide and advance wholistic, Christian, quality education which develops learners to be earnest seekers of truth and equip them with appropriate knowledge, skills, attitudes, technology and understanding for the teaching and leadership roles at preschool, primary and secondary school, college and university levels for the glory of God.

Subject combinations as per Teachers Service Commission

Students seeking a Bachelor of Education (Arts) degree select from the following subject combinations as per Teachers Service Commission:

1. Geography/CRE
2. History/CRE
3. Geography/History
4. Geography/Kiswahili
5. English/Literature
6. Kiswahili/CRE
7. Kiswahili/History
8. Kiswahili/Geography

Students planning to take English Language must also take Literature in English. This means that a student may opt for a concentration in English language and literature and is not required to take any other second teaching subject. This is because the candidate’s area of study covers the language and literature disciplines as required for teaching English language in Secondary Schools. Students planning to teach Kiswahili are advised to take a second teaching subject in Religion, History or Geography.


For admission into the Bachelor of Education program the applicant must:
1. Pass KCSE with a minimum mean grade of C+ at secondary school certificate level or its equivalent or
2. Have an advanced level certificate with two principal passes and division II at O-level or its equivalent or
3. Have a diploma in education from a government recognized institution and have a mean grade of C+ at KCSE or its equivalent
4. Have done a diploma as a bridging course.

The student must pursue two teaching subjects selected from courses that were done and passed at secondary school level. No student is allowed to take education courses with the teaching subjects that were not done and passed with a minimum grade of C+ at KCSE or its equivalent.

The Department of Education envisions being a center of excellence in higher education and research producing world- class teachers, educational administrators, curriculum experts and researchers equipped with moral virtues.