Welcome to the Department of Technology!

Welcome to the Department of Technology!

Learning and studying at UEAB provides one with key impulses for innovation and progress – two key characteristics that define what the Department stands for. UEAB Technology’s Departmental environment affords you with the best conditions for success in your academic pursuits.  Being a practically oriented Department, located within the Greater Lakes Economic Block, and a focus on wholistic teaching, applied research and most importantly, linkages with industry, through its vision of being a center of excellence in market driven programs, the Department offers the following:

  1. Communication
  2. Industrial Electronics
  • Minor in Electronics Technology
  • Diplomas in
  1. Automotive Technology
  2. Electronics Technology

These programs give high achieving students the professional and unique UEAB experience to excel wherever they will find themselves. Further to, the Department’s long tradition on seeking to serve God and Man, ensures that the learner’s focus is not only on the temporal, but for life hereafter.

It is my desire and prayer that your decision to join this Department of committed and professional individuals will help you realize your academic goals and cement your future among the commonwealth of change drivers.

Let’s be the drivers of the future we want to see!

Head of Department
James Ayiemba

Karibu Technology!