School of Health Science

Dean’s Message-  School of Health Sciences

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the School of Health Sciences.  The School of Health Sciences is a school that trains students in various aspects of health promotion, disease prevention, protection from harmful environmental agents and disease diagnosis.  The school has two departments that offer several important programs.

  1. Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences
  2. Department of Public Health

The Department of Public Health also offers master’s degrees in Public Health and Global Health.

We have a team of dedicated, friendly and committed lecturers and laboratory and field staff who will take you through your program very smoothly.  They will train you with hands-on skills and experience that will last a life time.

Health care professionals contribute greatly to the welfare of nations and work at the forefront during major health epidemics and pandemics.  The recent Coronavirus pandemic called for dedicated healthcare professionals and Medical Laboratory technicians, technologists and scientists and public health officers continue to play a major role in the effort to contain this disease.  They work with dedication and integrity and have a special calling to assist to save lives in the field.

Your choice as s student to join the School of Health Sciences is a noble one.  These areas of study call for dedication and hard work.  If it is your calling to join the School of Health Sciences, we welcome you to the school and we hope that your life will be meaningful when you go out there to serve in the world full of challenges as far as health care is concerned.

You are therefore welcome to join the School of Health Sciences so that you will later contribute to the health care sector, not only in your country and the  region, but to the world as a whole.


Prof. Jackie K. Obey

Dean School of Health Sciences

University of Eastern Africa, Bara ton

P.O. Box 2500; 30100-Eldoret


Tel: +254724270309/+254771276360;