Master of Science in Biological Sciences


Students are admitted and taught during government school holidays in August/September (first semester), November/December (second semester), and April/May (inter-semester session).


In addition to meeting the general admission requirements for graduate studies, applicants should have a B.Sc. degree in Biological Sciences or in a closely related discipline from a recognized educational institution for regular admission or have a postgraduate diploma in Biological Sciences or a closely-related discipline from a recognized institution of higher learning.


The student will indicate the area of research interest and will accordingly be advised by the M.Sc. Biological Sciences Program Coordinator to select a supervisor in the field of interest. The supervisor will then be contacted and approved by the Program Committee. The assigned faculty member will chart the student’s program until he/she is ready for graduation. One of the functions of the program coordinator is to review, during each semester, the student’s academic program that he/she has tailored for the period the student is expected to be at UEAB. During registration, the student must see his/her program coordinator or Department chair or both, who will verify the courses on the student’s check sheet to be taken for the period and advise accordingly.


This is a 2-year program organized in semester system of 15 weeks teaching and one week of examination for full-time students and 4 years for part-time students. In the M.Sc. Biological Sciences, the student may be allowed to start research activities even in the first year of study depending on the recommendation of the supervisor. One credit hour is equal to 15 contact hours per semester. For laboratory, 1 credit hour will be equal to three lab hours per week.


The courses in the M.Sc. Biological Sciences Program are in three groups. Core courses, Electives and Other Electives. The student is required to take all courses under the Core courses and have a choice of four courses (12 credits) in their Electives. The choice to make up 43 credits can be obtained from other electives. The total credit hours required are 43.


The degree program runs for a minimum of two years, with a possibility of one year extension subject to prior arrangement, occasioned by unforeseen circumstances. The method of study is by coursework, examinations, and thesis.

Two program options are available for the student interested in a M.Sc. degree in Biological Sciences from UEAB—Biomedical Biology and Conservation Biology. The Biomedical Biology Option is for those interested in careers associated with cell and molecular biology, genetics, histology, parasitology, entomology, immunology and physiology. The Conservation Biology Option will cater for those individuals that are looking for careers in wildlife management and in the conservation of biodiversity.