Updates on the reopening of the university for face to face teaching

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March 1, 2021

Dear UEAB Family

Greetings to you all!
This is to bring to your attention the following important updates as voted by the university Senate
1. The University will open fully for face to face teaching and learning effective March 1, 2021 and all classes will be given face to face on campus blended with eLearning. 
2.  All students will continue their face to face classes till the end of the semester including those who are currently taking their classes face to face on campus. 

3. Week of Spiritual Emphasis/Camp meeting ……March 13-20-2021

4. Second Semester Final Examinations (Face to Face) …April 18-28, 2021


5. Graduation ……………………….………August 12-15, 2021
Unless the COVID 19 ashers in another change, the rest of the activities for the year will continue as scheduled in the calendar of events (see the Academic Bulletin). Therefore, I encourage all students to make necessary plans to complete their semester classes and semester examinations.
Should any change come in between, we will keep you updated.
Sincerely yours