Doctor of Philosophy in Education


An applicant seeking admission into a Doctoral of Philosophy (PhD) in Education degree program:

1. Must have completed Bachelor of Education degree or Bachelor of Arts/Science with Education degree with a second class lower division or better; and

2. Master’s degrees in/with education from recognized institutions of higher learning with a General Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.30 on a four-point scale or its equivalent.


Following is the classification of students admitted into the doctoral program:

1. Regular Admission: A student meeting all admission requirements mentioned above is admitted under “regular” status.

2. Probationary Admission c. An applicant whose bachelor’s degree is in education but the master’s degree was done in a different area other than the one sought to be pursued at the doctoral level is admitted on “probationary” status. Their admission will be changed to regular status after completing 21 credits of core courses prescribed for the master of education of UEAB.

a. If the bachelor’s and master’s degrees were done in a different area from the one pursued at the doctoral level, the candidate must first pursue a Post-graduate diploma in education before being admitted on “probationary” status.

b. An applicant whose GPA at Master’s degree was between 3.00 to 3.29 or its equivalent, the admission is given subject to passing courses with a GPA of 3.30 in the subsequent two semesters of study.

3. Non-matriculated Admission A student who has met all UEAB admission requirements and wishes to take courses for professional growth but not applying for a degree may be classified under ‘non

4. matriculated’ status. The student will be granted a certificate of participation for every course completed.

5. Guest Students Admission A student from a graduate program of another institution of higher learning who does not want to transfer to UEAB may apply for admission as a guest student. Such a student shall be allowed to take a maximum of 15 credits. If such a student decides to transfer and continue at UEAB then the regular admission procedure and transfer policies for UEAB shall be followed.


Instruction shall be conducted in English language. Applicants from countries whose medium of instruction is other than English language, shall be required to take remedial courses in English language. However, applicants who will have done English as a second language and passed with a grade of C+ or its equivalent shall be exempted from taking remedial courses in English language.


A regular student can complete the coursework in two and half years.


To graduate with a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in Education, the candidate should:

1. Have successfully completed the required 65 credits including thesis writing and comprehensive examinations;

2. Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.30 on a 4-point scale;

3. Show proof of acceptance for publication of at least two (2) articles in refereed journal(s)

4. Submit 8 bound copies of the thesis in a dark blue color hardcover, duly signed by the supervisors, school dean and the director of graduate studies;

5. Clear financial obligations;

6. Apply for graduation;

7. Be cleared by the Department Chair and the School Dean.

8. Be cleared by the Boards of Examiners at all levels.