Master of Business Administration


1. For all applicants, the general admission requirements apply.

2. For applicants with non-business bachelor’s degrees:

a. Choice of Area(s) of Emphasis:
i. Applicants to the Master of Business Administration program whose undergradu

ate degree is not business-related will be allowed to pursue an area of emphasis in

Business Management, Human Resource Management, or Marketing. 

ii. The areas of emphasis in Accounting, Finance, and Information Systems

Management require a bachelor’s degree in these areas, thus, non-business

bachelor’s degree graduates cannot be admitted to pursue these majors/options. b. Bridging Courses

  1. For those with non-business bachelor’s degrees, a maximum of 26 credit- prerequisites are required in addition to the above as assessed and advised. These bridging courses should be done first before allowing them to take the core and major courses.
  2. The prerequisites/bridging courses shall be distributed as follows:

Accounting Marketing Computer Management

8 Credits (ACCT 111, ACCT112)
3 Credits (MKTG 215)
3 Credits (INSY 118)
9 Credits (MGMT 230, MGMT 475, MGMT 499)

c. Additional requirement for non-business bachelor’s degree graduates without at least 3 years of work experience: Internship 3 Credits (BUAD 685)

3. Those with Higher National Diplomas, CPA(K), CFA, CPS(K) or its equivalent qualification, ACCA, CA, but have no undergraduate degree will be required to acquire an undergraduate degree before

being admitted to the MBA program.


Students are required to take the prescribed WCE. Students sit for the WCE after all course work is completed.

  1. A WCE representing the totality of the student’s program shall be taken by all MBA students who havecompleted all academic requirements and whose over-all cumulative GPA is not lower than 3.00.
  2. WCEs are scheduled once a year during the 2nd semester.
  3. Application and clearance forms for WCE are available at the office of the Department Chairperson.
  4. The result of the examinations will be communicated to the student in writing within one (1) monthafter the examination. A passing grade of B shall be required to pass the exam.
  5. A student who fails in two papers of the WCE fails the entire exam, and must take the whole examination again. Should a failing mark in one paper bring about an average lower than what is required to pass, the student shall take the exam once more in the next scheduled WCE only in thepaper failed. The highest grade for a re-exam shall not be higher than B (plain).
  6. Failure in any re-exam, whether of the entire exam or of specific paper, automatically terminates thecandidacy of the student.


A regular full-time student can complete the MBA program in two academic years. For part-time students, the duration of the program is between three and one-half (3-1/2) to six (6) years with a maximum credit load of 9 credits per semester and 6 credits per inter-semester session.