Hotel and Hospitality Management


4 Years | 137 Credits


General Education Courses…………. 33 Credits
Core Requirements ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,64 Credits
Cognates  …………………………………..37 Credits
Electives  …………………………………….3 Credits
Total         …………………………………..137 Credits


degree program in Hotel and Hospitality Management, the student should be able to:
1. Discuss the necessary entrepreneurial skills that can enable them to be self employed upon graduation.
2. Demonstrate appropriate research skills methods in and aptitude for postgraduate studies and professional growth.
3. Describe the necessary skills for managers in the hospitality industry
4. Apply appropriate skills in the successful management of hospitality industry.
5. Explain the trends affecting the growth of hospitality industry.
6. Demonstrate skills to practice in an ethical and professional manner in a changing work environment.
7. Apply the knowledge, skills and attitudes to provide quality hospitality services.

Direct entry into BSc. in Hotel Management

In addition to meeting the minimum university requirements of an overall grade of C+ in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) or its equivalent, students seeking admission into Hotel Management and Fashion and Textile Design shall meet the following requirements:
1. The candidate should also have a KCSE grade (or its equivalent) of C+ or better in any two of the following subjects chemistry, biology, home science, business, agriculture, mathematics, computer science and geography.
2. Someone who has finished a diploma in related areas from a reputable institution can be admitted into the program.

Interdepartmental Transfer

If a student who wishes to transfer to the department of Foods, Nutrition and Dietetics to do Foods, Nutrition and Dietetics, he/she must have passed with an overall grade of C+ in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) or its equivalent. In addition, he/she must have passed with a minimum of grade C+ in the following subject cluster: Biology/Biological sciences, Chemistry/physical sciences, Mathematics/Physics and English/Kiswahili.

Code Course Name Credit
1st Year
HTMG 101 Introduction to hotel and hospitality operations and management 3
HTMG 122 Introduction to Tourism Operations 3
CNST 140 Home Maintenance 1
MKTG 115 Principles of Marketing 3
OFTE 120 Keyboarding 0
PSYC 101/SOCI 121/SWFI 207 Introduction to Psychology/Sociology/Family Issues 2
RELH 155 Adventist Heritage 2
ENGL 105 Writing Skills 3
GCAS 107/LITE 151 Music Appreciation/Introduction to Literary Appreciation 2
PEAC 107 Physical and Recreational Activities 1
HTMG 143 Introduction to Hotel Economics 3
FDNT 136 Food Hygiene and Safety 2
FDNT 137 Food Hygiene and Safety laboratory 1
ENGL 106 Speech Communication 1
RELT 207 Christian Beliefs 3
Vocational Skills 1
MATH 113 Business Mathematics I 3
INSY 107 Information Technology Today 2
PHYS 100 Concepts of Physical Sciences 2
2nd Year
1st Semester
HTMG 232 Food and Beverage Production 3
HTMG 233 Food and Beverage Service 3
AGRI 105 Principles of Agriculture 1
NUTR 234 Human Nutrition 3
FREN 103 Beginning French II 2
HIST 111/HIST 119 Concepts of World Civilizations/Issues in Development Studies 2
RELB 220 Life and Teachings of Jesus 2
ENVI 227/ CHEM 200/TCED 231 Environment and Society/Environmental Science/Safety Education 2
2nd Semester
HTMG 252 Front Office Operations Management 3
HTMG 253 House-keeping Operations and Management 3
FREN 104 Introduction to French Language 3
BIOL 105 Human Biology 2
RELT 255 Introduction to Christian Ethics 2
EDUC 215 Philosophy of Christian Education 2
HTMG 300 Industrial Attachment I 4
1st Semester
HTMG 301 Hospitality Service and Operations Management 3
HTMG 311 Consumer Behavior and Service Marketing 3
HTMG 322 Facility and Property Management 3
MGMT 130 Fundamentals of Management 3
STAT 150 Introduction to Probability and Statistics 3
2nd Semester
HTMG 332 Marketing Hotels and Catering Services 3
HTMG 353 Human Resource Management for Tourism and Hospitality Industry 3
HTMG 343 International Foods Laboratory 2
TCED 230 Industrial Safety 2
FTXD 217 Interior and Upholstery Design 2
HTMG 303 Research Methods in Tourism and Hospitality Industry 3
CLSC 252 Principles of Food and Water Microbiology 2
1st Semester
HTMG 304 Senior Project 3
HTMG 360 Events and Conventions Management 3
GEOG 226 The Geography of Tourism and Leisure 3
Elective 3
HTMG 472 Hospitality Law 3
HTMG 451 Seminars and contemporary issues in Hospitality industry 2
2nd Semester
HTMG 400 Industrial Attachment II 4
Total Credits: 128