Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting

Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting

4 Years | 148 Credits

A graduate in accounting and/or finance has a wide variety of career opportunities. The Department prepares, equips, trains and develops the students for career possibilities in business and industry, hospitals, schools, universities, religious and not-for profit institutions, public accounting, proprietorship, government service, and in many other recognized organizations. It is common observation that almost every organization has accounting and/or finance personnel among the ranks of its officers and employees. The graduate may become an accountant, controller, treasurer, manager, financial analyst, chief executive officer, investment consultant, tax advisor, purchasing or marketing officer, production supervisor, or handle any
business-related position in the afore-cited organizations.


Direct Entry
An applicant who scores on the KCSE a minimum of C or its equivalent, in both English and Mathematics, in addition to meeting the entrance requirements of the University, may be considered to pursue either a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting or Finance, or a minor in Accounting or Finance or an Associate degree in Accounting or Finance. Additionally;

1. An applicant asking to do a BBA Accounting or Finance degree may be admitted into the department of Accounting & Finance on the basis of a CPA II qualification and may be exempted from doing Fundamentals of Accounting I & II (ACCT 111 &ACCT 112). This is in addition to other University admission requirements. Any other exemptions will be as per policy – either through challenge examinations or transfer of credits.
2. An applicant who holds a CPA(K)- Finalist qualification and desires to obtain a BBA Accounting or Finance degree may be admitted and exempted from doing ACCT III, ACCT112, ACCT 211, ACCT 212 and any 100 or 200
code Accounting & Finance courses. Any other exemptions will be as per policy- either through challenge examinations or transfer of credits.

Interdepartmental Transfer

A student wishing to transfer from other departments of the University, but has not met the direct entry requirements, may be allowed to transfer provided he/she has an average grade of at least C+ in MATH 111 and 112 and an average grade of at least C+ in ENGL 111, 112 and 113.


General Education Courses ……………..33
Core Courses …………………………………..62
Specialization ………………………………….39
Cognates …………………………………………6
Electives………………………………………… 6
Total……………………………………………… 146 Credits

Code Course Name Credit
1st Semester
ACCT 111 Fundamentals of Accounting I 4
ENGL 105 Writing Skills 3
MATH 113 Business Mathematics 1 3
PSYC 101 Introduction to Psychology OR 2
SOCI 121 Intro to Sociology OR 2
SWFI 207 Family Issues 2
RELH 155 Adventist Heritage 2
LITE 151 Introduction to Literary Appreciation 2
GCAS 107 Music Appreciation 2
MGMT 141 Business Law I 2
OFTE 120 Keyboarding 0
PEAC 107 Physical and recreational Activities 1 1
Total 19
2nd Semester
ACCT 112 Fundamentals of Accounting II 4
MATH 114 Business Mathematics II 3
MGMT 130 Fundamentals of Management 3
MGMT 142 Business law II (Company Law) 2
RELT 207 Christian Beliefs 3
HLED 110 Health Principles 1
PHYS 100 Concepts of Physical Science 2
INSY 118 Introductions to Business Information Processing 3
Vocational Skills 1
Total 22
1st Semester
RELB 220 Life and Teachings of Jesus 2
ACCT 211 Intermediate Accounting I 3
KISW 114 Language use in Kiswahili OR 2
FREN 103 Beginning French 2
ECON 210 Principles of Microeconomics 3
MKTG 115 Principles of Marketing 3
AGRI 105 Principles of Agricultural Technology 2
MGMT 220 Business Statistics I 3
HIST 111 Concepts of World Civilization OR 2
HIST 119 Issues in Development Studies 2
CHEM 200 Environmental Science OR 2
TCED 231 Safety Education 2
2nd Semester
RELT 255 Introduction to Christian Ethics 2
ACCT 212 Intermediate Accounting II 3
ECON 211 Principles OF Macroeconomic 3
MGMT 221 Business Statistics II 3
FNCE 287 Principles of Finance 3
MGMT 231 Human Resource Management 3
EDUC 215 Introductions to Philosophy of Christian Education 2
BIOL 105 Human Biology 2
Total 21
1st Semester
ECON 310 Intermediate Microeconomics 3
OFAD 308 Business Communications 3
INSY 305 Management Information Systems 3
ACCT 360 Public Sector Accounting 3
ACCT 340 Cost and Managerial Accounting 3
An Elective 3
Total 18
2nd Semester
ECON 315 Intermediate Macroeconomics 3
MKTG 380 Quantitative Techniques 3
ECON 328 Money and Banking &Financial Institutions 3
ACCT 361 Taxation 3
An Elective 3
Total 15
1st Semester
MGMT 475 Production and Operation Management 3
ACCT 451 Advanced Accounting I 3
ACCT 461 Auditing I 3
INSY 318 Accounting Information Systems 3
MGMT 491 Business Research Method 2
FNCE 470 Financial Management 3
Total 17
2nd Semester
ACCT 452 Advanced Accounting II 3
ACCT 462 Auditing II 3
ACCT 495 Accounting Research Project 3
ACCT 484 Practical Experience in Accounting I 1
ACCT 485 Corporate Internship in Accounting 2
Total 12
Total Credits: 304