School of Science & Technology

To train our students in the basic sciences and in their technological applications so that, they can better serve God and humanity through the conservation of Earth’s resources and through the alleviation of ignorance, poverty, hunger, and disease in East/Central Africa, and beyond.

Through excellence in teaching and research, the School of Science and Technology will produce high-quality graduates, with the requisite technical skills and moral values to provide strong academic, professional and moral leadership within their respective disciplines.


Prof. Ramesh Francis M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D.,

Welcome to the School of Science and Technology!

It is with great pride and pleasure that I welcome you to the School of Science and Technology (SST). The School of Science and Technology comprised of seven teaching Departments:

  1. Agriculture
  2.  Biological Sciences
  3.  Chemistry
  4.  Family and Consumer Sciences
  5.  Mathematics and Physics
  6.  Nutrition and Dietetics
  7.  Technology

Collectively, the diverse courses that are offered at School of Science and Technology will provide students with a rich educational platform. With about 50 faculties and staff, our school provides high-quality academic programs, superior laboratory and class rooms, and research facilities accessible to both undergraduate and graduate students, and challenging yet supportive environments for student achievement.

In the School of Science and Technology, excellence begins with faculty members who inspire and challenge every student. Our lecturers create an environment that encourages inquiry and rewards hard work. They are committed to helping students achieve their personal and professional goals. Faculty members and professional advisors are dedicated to outstanding teaching and advising. They are passionate about mentoring advisees through their curriculum, engaging students in field and laboratory research and nurturing aspiring investigators through the presentation and publication process. Students in our school are provided exceptional problem-solving opportunities in course assignments, laboratory projects and internship experiences.

The School also has collaborations with many research institutes in the country where students go for attachments and internships to gain more hands on experience and gain knowledge.

Each year our school's exceptional graduates go on to contribute to their disciplines, meet the workforce needs of our state in science, technology, healthcare, education, engineering, and many other high-demand fields, and continue the legacy of excellence established by our many outstanding alumni.

I encourage you to look over our website and to visit us in person to learn more about the many programs and projects that our faculty, staff and students are a part of this year. You may also wish to visit the individual departments' Web Pages linked to our school page to learn more about the innovative fields of study. You're sure to be drawn to the student-centered emphasis of our school, the quality academic programs and the innovative learning opportunities for our undergraduate and graduate students.

I invite you to join us!

Prof. Ramesh Francis M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D.,
Associate Professor and Dean
School of Science and Technology
Mobile: +254 775093042



  1. Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Agriculture
  2. Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Agri-Business
  3. Bachelor of Science in Biology
    • Biomedical Option
    • Biotechnology Option
    • Conservation Biology
    • General Biology Option
  4. Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Chemistry
    • Analytical Chemistry
    • Biochemistry Option
    • General Chemistry
    • Industrial Chemistry with Management
  5. Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Child and Family
  6. Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Clothing and Textiles
  7. Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Foods and Nutrition
  8. Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Nutrition and Dietetics
  9. Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Mathematics
  10. Bachelor of Science (BST) in Automotive
  11. Bachelor of Science (BST) in Electronics
    • a. Communication Option
    • b. Industrial Option