Department of Theology and Religious Studies

Theology, as a discipline of study, is primarily concerned with the actions of God in history. Among these actions is God’s role as Creator and Sustainer of the universe. Theology thus reminds humanity of the entrance of sin into the world and God’s redemptive act of saving humanity from the alienation and degradation of sin. This salvific act of God therefore becomes the basis and cornerstone of Christian education, an education that is committed to the development of the individual spiritually, mentally, physically and socially.

Courses Offered

  • 1. Bachelor of Arts in Theology
  • 2. Bachelor of Arts in Religion
  • 3. Minor in Religion


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God is the Creator and Sustainer of life and of the natural world.As intelligent stewards, humans need to understand life, unity, diversity and its distribution in space and time, and act responsibly in its utilization and preservation.


To provide quality education for pastors, teachers, evangelists,administrators and other related professional careers for service in the Seventh-day Adventist Church and the society at large. The department strives to instill a life-long personal quest for research and study in Biblical, theological and religious fields for individual growth and continual excellence in service to God and mankind.


The department seeks to be a center of excellence, equipping men and women for faithful and effective service to the Creator God, the family, community and church through application of the principles of sound Bible-based Christian education.

List of Faculty

  • Odek, R. -(Ag. Chairperson)
  • Idowu, B. -(Part time)
  • Kesis, R. -(Part time)
  • Miyayo, L.
  • Nyarangi, J.
  • Nyaundi, N.
  • Ouma, J. -(Part time)
  • Wahonya, P. -(Part time)
  • Wamalika, C.