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It gives us pleasure to welcome you to the website of the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Eastern Africa, Baraton. The study of Biology is one of the most natural activities of Humankind. Who among us hasn’t experiences wonder and amazement at the variety of living things that surround us every day? To study biology is to study life. The Biology Department is an exciting dynamic place to be. We are committed to helping our students become capable and professional scientists.

The fact that many of our graduates occupy positions of authority in societies as researchers, educators, entrepreneurs, administrators and consultants is testimony to the quality of training that we deliver. The strength of our educational programs derives from the strength of our scholarly activity and research...

This website is designed to provide information to all prospective and / or interested students, academics and faculty members of the Department, as well as the courses offered, entry requirements to enroll for the courses, projects/research activities, contact details and other changes taking place in our Department. You are invited to explore our website, enroll in our courses, join our programmes, engage our faculty and staff and enter the diverse and interesting world of Biology. Kindly make the most of the opportunities we offer and build a rewarding career.

Mr. Michael Ojung'a

The Biological Sciences Department of the University of Eastern Africa, Baraton, prepare students for a wide range of career options. The curriculum provides appropriate training for students seeking admission to professional and graduate schools as well as those who enter the job market directly following graduation. Since 1985, over 300 students have graduated with a degree in biology. Of these, some have gone to medical school, graduate school, working in biology-related careers, allied health areas, and science teachers.


Our undergraduate curriculum begins with a core of courses offering the fundamentals of life sciences both in concept and method. After completing the core, students take a distribution of upper division courses, with at least one course required in each of the four major options. This strategy insures that all students have broad exposure to the life sciences. Areas of teaching and research interest cover an extensive range of topics including cell and molecular biology, microbiology, genetics, biomedical, biotechnology, plant biology, evolution, physiology, ecology, environmental biology, and animal behavior.

The Biological Science faculty see teaching as the primary mission of both the Department and the University. The close relationship the faculty and staff have with students support a large research and training enterprise that is a significant contributor to the economy and workforce of our university, church and the state. The research being performed within the Department spans the breadth of biological sciences, from DNA to global ecosystems. One of the most important qualities of the Department is the opportunity for undergraduates to participate in faculty research. This mentor-student relationship involving the design and execution of experiments enrich valuable learning experiences. Students work with faculty as volunteers, for academic credit, or for pay. The research done by students often leads to publications and presentations at national and regional conferences. It is not unusual for a student’s work to be published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal. Research activities occur year round and many opportunities exist for interested students.

We have a small but strong graduate program that leads to an MSc degree in either Biomedical or Conservation specializations. Students who are working or wishing to improve their credentials for professional developments may find the School -based MSc programe most appealing. The MSc degree requires the development and presentation of a thesis based on original research. This degree is more appropriate for students wishing to engage in research as part of their career or to continue their graduate training at the doctoral level. Students in the MSc program may be eligible for a teaching assistantship that provides a small tuition scholarship.

The department has developed lifelong friendships and networks with its vibrant and valued Biology Alumni members. In the past several months, the Department and Alumni has created Biology Alumni Association (BAA) that supports the transformation of the work culture to be customer-focused through teamwork, innovation, receptiveness, and efficiency. Our BAA of over 300 graduates is an invaluable resource with connections across all disciplines in Kenya and beyond. Partnering with BAA will provide opportunities for high quality learning, research and preparation for careers as well as offering support, advice and mentoring to current students. I urge you to take advantage of and contribute to this extraordinary community of international alumni who all began their professional lives at the Department.

We hope that this website will serve as a source of useful information to you. Please do not hesitate to contact me (e-mail; +254 713 052 062) or any member of the Department should you have questions about our program. We look forward to hearing from you!

Mr. MichaiahOjunga
Chairperson, Department of Biological Sciences
University of Eastern Africa, Baraton

Courses Offered

  • B.Sc General Biology
  • B.Sc Biology (Biomedical option)
  • B.Sc Biology (Coservation option)
  • B.Sc Biology (Biotechnology option)

At Maters level we offer two programmes, namely

  • M.Sc Biology (Biomedical option)
  • M.Sc Biology (Conservation option)


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  • Admission requirements

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God is the Creator and Sustainer of life and of the natural world. As intelligent stewards, humans need to understand life, its unity, diversity and its distribution in space and time, and act responsibly in its utilization and preservation.


The mission of the Department of Biological Sciences is to train students in understanding life and its interactions at all levels from biomolecules to the biosphere. 


Our vision is that irrespective of whether students take only a single course or complete a degree in the department, they will become knowledgeable about, and feel a responsibility towards life.

List of Faculty

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Conservation, Physiology and Envirnmental Studies
Mr. Micaiah Ojunga(Department Chair)

Prof. Ramesh Francis, PhD. (School Dean)

Mrs. Gracelyn Ramesh

Mr. David Wechuli

Biomedical and Molecular Sciences

Mr. Antony OtingaOteng’o

Mr. Willy K. Kemboi
Microbiology, Biotechnology and Bioinformatics

Mr. Frank Onyango Kombo

Mr. Daniel Kwalimwa


  • Miss. EuginiaWekesa
  • Miss. Patricia Chemutai