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Students are expected to register during the time specified in the Academic  Calendar. Registration is not official until all procedures specified are  completed. Students shall attend only those classes for which they are  registered. It is illegal to attend a class for which registration has not been done.

The procedure for the registration exercise is as follows:

Obtain your password at the Registrar’s Office (new students and continuing students who have ID and password problems).

  1.  Go to library for ID photograph. (new or continuingstudents who have lost their ID)
  2.  Go to the student finance accountant for the activation of your student account (new students only).
  3.  Go to your advisor or the head of department for advice on course selection.
  4. Go to any of the designated online registration stations tomake course selections.
  5.  Log on to your window using your ID number and Password then make  selection as follows: select trimester, residence (and room number for  boarders), and Sabbathschool class.
  6. Carefully select courses to avoid changes in selection and then close  registration by clicking on the button “Close Registration”. All approvals will be indicated on your end. Any unapproved selection  should be resolved withthe designated approval personnel e.g. residence  with theResidence Dean, Course with your Major Advisor etc.
  7. Go to the Medical Centre to register. (New students only)
  8. Your trimester registration is complete when all theapprovals read “yes
  9. Confirm the courses you have registered for on yourwindow. You may  print a hard copy for yourself
  10. If you are not financially cleared, contact the student finance accountant for clearance.   Note: if you have any problem, contact the registration assistant at the  station.
  11. You may now go to the Registrar’s Office for an ID sticker.
  12. Go to the bookstore for books and stationery.
A student who fails to register during the stipulated time must obtain permission from the Registrar in order to register later. A late registration fee will be charged for each day late. No student will be permitted to register after the date  published in the Academic Calendar as the “Last day to enter any class.

  1. A student who wishes to make changes in course selection after completing registration will seek assistance atregistrar’s office. A fee may be charged for changes. Registration will be open for the same student, who will berequired to go  through the registration process for course selection at the risk of finding some classes already full.
  2. When courses are dropped after the last date to enter anyclass but before the published “Last day to drop a class with W”,  a W will be recorded.
  3. If any course is dropped after this date (2 above), an F is recorded. The procedure for dropping a course is as follows:
  • Obtain a Drop and Add Voucher from the Registrar’s Office
  • After the forms have been properly signed, return themto the Registrar’s Office for processing.

Please note:
Courses cannot be added after the deadline to add courses, i.e. five instructional days from the date of registration.

Students who withdraw from any or all of the classes and from the boarding section during the trimester will receive some  refunds on charges for tuition, room and board.