Message from the Editor-in-Chief

Welcome to our inaugural issue (Vol.1 No. 1) of Baraton Interdisciplinary Research Journal (BIRJ), a new journal of multidisciplinary research published by the Baraton University Press. The journey to the Promised Land, a journey of faith, has been long but sure. Starting small but with an intention of growing like bacteria at exponential rate, BIRJ will circulate world-wide and network with major development conscious organizations and stakeholders. The aim is to encourage authorship and collaborative research. BIRJ is a quality-conscious peer-reviewed journal published biannually in print form. The online publication will run simultaneously to meet the needs of disseminating research information across new frontiers. There has been an overwhelming response from many parts of the world to our inaugural issue, and this indicates the amount of collaboration the journal will enjoy once it kicks off.

Part A of the current issue has covered reports on telecommunication, agricultural products, biological control of storage pests and botanicals for pest management. These articles address pertinent innovative technologies and methods in science that touch on our health and livelihood. Part B, on the other hand, includes language structure and skills, civilization and education, and the role of drama in healing and reconciliation. In the present world full of turmoil and politically instigated unrest, articles like these will help to communicated effectively and mitigate certain unpleasant events that impact on us negatively.

The journal maintains a vigorous editorial process of peer review to ensure quality and originality.  Our information dissemination system has worked pretty much like the social insects structure where the members of the colony work together to keep the colony going.  BIRJ is studying the social insect administration structure very keenly and would like to replicate that kind of system.

Special gratitude is due to the University of Eastern Africa, Baraton (UEAB) administration for their support. We also recognize the contributions of editors, advisory board members, peer reviewers, the technical team, and proofreaders.

The journal will enjoy an independent web site to give it a special place in modern trends and practices. This makes it easy for libraries to link users from citation to the full text of the published articles. In its advertisement pages, the journal will provide an extensive up-to-date meetings listing, links to equipment manufacturers and suppliers, policy organs and tour guidelines. . Among the issues addressed in the guidelines to authors are funding disclosure, conflict of interest as well as declaration on ethical clearance on articles based on research on human subjects and animals. Thus, we would like to receive contributions from all disciplines addressing common issues.


Z. Ngalo Otieno-Ayayo, PhD